Kmetija Kodričevi
Primož Zgonik, nosilec dopolnilne dejavnosti na kmetiji
Branik 28, 5295 Branik
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Prodotti dell'azienda agricola Kodričevi

High quality 100% natural home produced ingredients are what we use to make our products. In the gallery you will find beautiful pictures of our lavender and Echinacea fields. Moreover, you will learn more about some of our manufacturing methods. The products are safe to use and they are proposed for the treatment and/or prevention of many health problems. Besides, they are recommended as add-on therapy to the general preventive measures. For more information, you are welcome to contact us via email.

Sapone alla lavanda

5,00 €

Rossetto alla calendula

5,00 €

Pomata alla calendula

12,00 €

Olio essenziale di lavanda

7,00 €

Imunko - Echinacea purpurea

10,00 €

Acqua floreale di lavanda

8,00 €